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  • QuikDrop Ebay Store Location
  • We welcome the opportunity to serve you!
  • Ebay Specialists for All Product Types
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QuikDrop Ebay Store Location

Ebay Store Fee's




Ebay Store Fee's

There is no fee's you are responsible for if your item(s) does not sell !!

eBay motors such as vehicles & boats etc a upfront fee is required.  Please contact for commission rates on vehicles & further details. 

QuikDrop's Sliding Commission Scale when sold item(s) takes place. 

- 35% of the first $500.00
- 25% over remaining $500.00

Plus Applicable eBay & PayPal selling fees.

Shipping & handling taken care of by Quikdrop for You !!

Roughly if your item sells under $500 you will net about 52% after all fee's are deducted. 

If your item sells for over $500 you will get between 55%-60%.

High valued items are negotiable inquire within

If you have special items, questions,
or need assistance with getting your items ready,
do not hesitate to call us at 772-419-0499
We are dedicated to answering Client calls from
9:30am to 5:00pm -Monday through Friday.
10:0am to 3:00pm Saturday


QuikDrop Ebay Store Location
QuikDrop can assist you in selling your items on eBay.
We specialize business & estate liquidation services!

We can sell just about anything!

In today's day in age
the internet has connected buyers and sellers all over the world. 

Caring For: Treasure Coast, Stuart, West Palm Beach, Miami FL,
fort Meyers, Orlando, Tampa

Martin, Palm Beach and Dade County


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